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Qwik Alarm™

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Zoeller knows your newly designed bathroom spaces are worth protecting! Feel relaxed knowing the Qwik Alarm’s audible, battery powered alarm will instantly sound if the water in the Qwik Jon Premier tank gets too high. With two volume settings and a notification for low battery be informed at any time if there is any risk of flooding.

The preassembled Qwik Alarm is easy to install! Simply create a 2-3/8” hole with a hole saw on the flat surface of the Qwik Jon Premier lid, insert the alarm into the opening, and replace the lid! The alarm is easy to maintain thanks to the convenient snap-fit cover that provides access to the alarm settings and battery compartment.

What is the Qwik Jon Premier that the Qwik Alarm pairs with?

The Qwik Jon Premier is a 1/2 HP grinder toilet system used to complete that dream bathroom without gravity drainage pipes or breaking concrete. The Premier is quiet, efficient, and designed for residential or light commercial use. Its sleek modern design allows it to be installed freestanding or behind a wall with ability to hook up to multiple fixtures, including the Qwik Jon elongated toilet. With 250,000 cuts per minute, this system handles toilet paper, organic waste, and sanitary items.

Whether you want to add a bathroom in your basement, garage, cabin, hallway or utilize an empty loft space, Zoeller Pump Company can help you add that bathroom of your dreams. All you need are a few small tools, a water supply, a discharge pipe, an electrical outlet, and Qwik Jon Premier!

Parts Break-Down List

10-5090 Qwik Alarm™
201-4000 Qwik Jon Premier Ship-To-Home System
The revision code is found on top of the pump or on the outside of the carton.