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Qwik Jon Choice Ship-To-Home System

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This complete system features Zoeller’s elongated rear discharge toilet bowl and tank as well as a Qwik Jon Choice shipped in three separate boxes right to a doorstep.The Qwik Jon Choice is a quiet, preassembled 1/3 HP macerator system that allows you to install a bathroom without breaking concrete!

What is a Qwik Jon®?

A quiet, preassembled 1/3 HP macerator system. The Qwik Jon Choice is a component in constructing a new bathroom without breaking the concrete. The QJC can handle toilet paper as well as organic waste. Only water, power, and a few tools are needed.

The Qwik Jon® Toilet

An elongated, floor-mounted, rear-outlet white bowl toilet with a seating height of 16 1/4”. ADA compliant and 1.28 gallons per flush.

Why a Qwik Jon®?

Adding a bathroom to your poolhouse, basement, workshop or cabin just got easier with a Qwik Jon®! This above ground plumbing technology saves you time, money, and construction by being easy to install and without breaking concrete. Want to connect a sink or shower? Connections are conveniently available via side inlets. No gravity plumbing required!

If installing behind a wall, it is suggested to purchase a Qwik Jon Extension Kit.

Parts Break-Down List

10-3050 Qwik Jon Extension Kit
200-4000 Qwik Jon Choice Ship-To-Home System
The revision code is found on top of the pump or on the outside of the carton.